Altus Enterprises is a nonprofit organisation that exists to provide work for people with disabilities. We aim to realise potential and bring the sense of purpose and social inclusion that work provides to all our employees. We provide contract packing services to our business clients, delivering high quality results at competitive prices. Our vision is a world where everyone feels valued and purposeful regardless of their physical or intellectual challenges. We are proud of the strong partnerships we hold and the work we do.

Business With Heart

Help provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities while making a strategic business decision for your outsourcing needs. We provide clients with cost effective, high quality results. Contact us to get a free quote. 

We provide on-going part time or full time work for our employees in a supportive and inclusive work environment. In April 2018 – April 2019 we paid out $1,425,528 in wages, with a total of 280,904 hours of work done by employees. 


Be a part of a great team that is serving New Zealand one job at a time in a welcoming, supportive work environment. Get in touch if you have a disability and are looking for work!

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If you have a job that needs doing, chances are Altus can do it for you! With over 50 years experience, we help businesses do what they do best.

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Will&Able is a social enterprise developed by Altus that creates further employment opportunities for people with disabilities through a unique range of eco cleaning products.

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What Customers Are Saying

“It was important for us to show our appreciation and acknowledge the value of our Altus workers who have done an outstanding job of assembling our headsets over the past 40 years. Altus workers are genuine, incredibly loyal with an admirable work ethic and they’re clearly passionate about what they do.” … “Altus continues to deliver for us and we are very happy with the relationship we hold.”

Rachael Wiki and Anita Hawthorne, Air New Zealand

Services We Provide

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