Our Purpose

At Altus Enterprises we aim to bring the sense of purpose and social inclusion that work provides, to people with disabilities. We strive to create a space where people with disabilities are respected as valuable members of our Auckland community, with skills and abilities they can use to better themselves and provide services to our business clients.

What Altus does

Our Mission

Altus Mission

Our Vision

Our vision, Fulfilled lives


We are proud of the strong partnerships we hold and the quality and quantity of work we are able to achieve. Altus can provide you with a number of services at a competitive price, including, pick and pack, labelling, assembly, collating and mailing, shrink wrapping, bottling, food repacking, and recycling. Through providing manual work to our external clients and receiving remuneration, employees develop a sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing that their work is contributing to others’ lives and businesses.

Service options of Altus

Our Facility: Spacious and Green

Our relatively new warehouse facility in Papatoetoe has extended warehousing space, resources and machinery for the various jobs we undertake. We selected the factory location in large part due to it’s proximity to Puhinui Railway Station, bus routes and many employee’s homes, so those who live locally can walk or cycle to work, and others can use public transport. The facility is fit with solar panels that supply a portion of the building’s total power needs. When the building is not occupied, after hours or on weekends, the power generated by our solar panels is fed back into the power network. We also effectively do a large amount of recycling work in terms of plastic bags and paper bags for the dairy industry. The work environment also has a temperature-controlled employee room and grassed area out back for employees to enjoy their lunch break together.

Altus Building

Working at Altus

Assisting Employees with Transferable Work/Life Skills

Employees have opportunities to learn manual work tasks, interpersonal and life skills.  Many employees decide to take part in the Altus Workplace Communication Programme.  This is a free Semester long course run on site during work time.  Participants can improve their understanding of topics such as workplace expectations, healthy eating, money, numeracy and literacy, safety and goal setting. They also have group discussions to improve their communication and maths assistance through Skill Wise. There is also a hearing impaired group session running too. 

Personal Plans, run by our Human Resource Manager annually, allow employees to work towards achieving workplace goals that are meaningful to them personally.  

Workplace Communications Program

To assist in sending employees into open employment, we seek to identify light manufacturing or assembly organisations to partner with that can slowly integrate our disabled employees into this higher skilled work. If you think that you have an existing project or are considering a new project which fits this challenge please email us or call Paul Stoneman on 09 256 4035 to discuss further.

Our Social Impact

As a long standing organisation with over 200 employees, we believe we have the opportunity to make significant positive social impact, enabling our employees to live more fulfilled lives in a culture of inclusion, diversity and excellence. Our Altus Enterprises Social Impact Report tells the story of the ways in which we are using our inputs and activities to lead to outputs, outcomes and impacts in the lives of our beneficiaries. See below for some of our quantitative results.

Total wages paid (April 2018 – April 2019): $1,425,528

Total hours worked by employees (April 2018 – April 2019): 280,904 

Social Impact ReportingSocial Impact Outputs

Our Leadership Team

We have a highly skilled and passionate leadership team that oversees the smooth functioning of Altus Enterprises.

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Our Board

Altus Enterprises is an Incorporated Society and Registered Charity.  Altus Enterprises is responsible for the governance and performance of Altus Enterprises and comprises leaders in various business disciplines who have a wealth of experience and a passion for helping people with disabilities.

Our Partners

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