Be a part of a great team that is serving New Zealand one job at a time in a welcoming, supportive work environment. Get in touch if you have a disability and are looking for work!

Employment at Altus

Apply For Work – Referral Form

To apply to work at Altus, please download and complete an Altus Enterprises Enquiry Form and email it to our Human Resource Manager, at . If you have any queries, please phone on 09 275 2074.

Employee Handbook

Our employee handbook explains Altus Enterprises’ policies and procedures and forms part of employee and employer obligations. View the Employee Handbook (July 2019) here and the Handbook Summary (September 2019) here.

Employment At Altus

Altus is not just work, but a community where everyone is free to be themselves and is respected for who they are and what they bring to work. Employees have opportunities to learn manual work tasks, interpersonal and life skills.  Many employees decide to take part in the Altus Workplace Communication Programme.  This is a free semester long course run on site during work time.  Participants can improve their understanding of topics such as workplace expectations, healthy eating, money, numeracy and literacy, safety and goal setting. 

Personal Plans, run by our Human Resource Manager, allow employees to work towards achieving workplace goals that are meaningful to them personally.  This could be learning new workplace skills, learning how to use a new machine, trying a different work task, working towards travelling to and from work independently, or talking to one new person at work every week.

Employees have the opportunity to work with a variety of different people on various tasks. Employees could be working on pick and pack, labeling, assembly, collating and mailing, office services, shrink wrapping, food repacking, bottling and packaging and recycling.

Work tasks at Altus

Altus is your opportunity to be a part of the team that delivers services to some of New Zealand’s best known brands. We provide employment for around 200 people with disabilities across Auckland.

Employee Testimonials

Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials

Attitude Awards

One way we encourage personal development and a positive work environment at Altus, is our Attitude Awards. They are awarded to one employee per month who displays a fantastic attitude at Altus. Keep up the great work and you could be in the running to win!

Altus Attitude Awards