Nations Would Keep Minimum Wage Exception

National will maintain the minimum wage exemption for firms hiring disabled workers if elected, its social development spokeswoman Louise Upston says. See the full article here

“Feedback we have had is clear that the exemption is the mechanism which supports the greatest number of people in employment. We know it works. We know it provides opportunities for people to get a job, to stay in employment, and to have a pathway to another employer afterwards.”

“We are a workplace … everyone is coming in to do some sort of activity.” Mr Kemp said he believed the minimum wage exemption was the best model for supporting disabled people into work, as it enabled greater flexibility for businesses to adapt as contracts began or ended.


Cleaning Products with a social upside – Will&Able on RNZ

An interesting radio interview with Martin Wylie, talking about our new start up social enterprise Will&Able. Kathryn meets Martin Wylie from a new social enterprise, selling environmentally friendly cleaning products produced by people with disabilities. Martin Wylie says demand for Will&Able products has been growing sharply and he hopes to create up to 100 new jobs in the next two years.


Response to Government consultation on a Wage Supplement alternative to Minimum Wage Exemption

Here you can find a Summary of Submissions made in response to Government consultation on a Wage Supplement as an alternative to the Minimum Wage Exemption.

This document provides a summary of 9 submission representing 42 organisations and individuals. These submissions were proactively provided to Aotearoa Disability Enterprises. Submissions include disabled employers, their families and caregivers, Enterprises, Disability Advocacy groups and a Trade Union.


The right “dose” of paid work to boost mental wellbeing

An interesting article on the link between paid employment and mental health published in the Sydney Morning Herald. “A study indicated that the risk of mental health problems reduces by 30 per cent when people move from unemployment or stay-at-home parenting into paid work of eight hours or less per week. “We have effective dosage guides for everything from Vitamin C to hours of sleep in order to help us feel better, but this is the first time the question has been asked of paid work,” said study co-author Brendan Burchell, a sociologist from Cambridge University who leads the Employment Dosage research project.

“We know unemployment is often detrimental to people’s well-being. We now have some idea of just how much paid work is needed to get the psychosocial benefits of employment – and it’s not that much at all.”f530b1997b4536e15032f379cfa40d5826484b49.jpeg

Farewell Geoff Walker from our Board of Directors

The Altus community has been very saddened by the passing of Geoff Walker on Saturday 8 June 2019. Geoff has been a member of the Board of Directors of Altus Enterprises for many years, helping to manage Altus and steer the organisation through many changes and challenges. He has worked tirelessly to support Altus and everything it represents. We can all be grateful for the contribution he made; his efforts have meant that hundreds of people have been able to access employment and all the benefits that having a job brings. He has made a huge contribution to our organisation. He will leave a huge hole and be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with his family.


Kiwi Harvest delivers fresh fruit!

As of March 2019, the lovely folk at KiwiHarvest will be delivering boxes full of fruit for our employees! Kiwi Harvest is an amazing food rescue organisation, collecting good food before it goes to waste and distributing it to those in need. There’ll be delivering fruit every Monday – so long as Kiwi Harvest have some to deliver!


Farewell after 35 years at Altus

One member of our Altus community, Adam Wilson, sadly passed away over the 2018-19 Christmas break from health complications. Adam had been a part of the Altus community for an incredible 35 years. He is sadly missed and Altus is not the same without him. We extend our sympathies to the Wilson family.


Altus Nominated for Skills Highway Award

At the 2018 Diversity Awards, Altus was nominated for the Skills Highway Award, celebrating organisations which develop initiatives to assist employees with literacy and numeracy. Thank you to Edvance Education for partnering with us and to Diversity Works New Zealand for showcasing some amazing initiatives happening around the country!


A Call to address NZ’s discrimination blind spot

An article uncovering the sad truths around New Zealand’s disabled population.  According to Statistics New Zealand’s disability labour force count, the unemployment rate for disabled people stands at 10.6 percent, just over double that of non-disabled people at 4.3 percent.  Here at Altus, we are trying to change that!

Social Enterprise Auckland Spotlight Story 

Social Enterprise Auckland featured Altus Enterprises in one of their spotlight stories! Check out the full article here. The article features an interview with our CEO, Martin Wylie, about his connection to the organisation,  what our impact is and what our successes have been.


Our Deepest Sympathies  

We wish to extend our sincere condolences to the families involved as we lost two of our empolyees on Saturday, April 14th, 2018 to a terrible accident. Click here to view the New Zealand Herald article. Jeremy Kaukasi and Taylor King were cherished members of the Altus community and will be greatly missed.

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Air New Zealand Says Thanks! 

Air New Zealand stopped by to say a massive thank you to all the Altus employees. Everyone had a blast with an afternoon of special crew treatment, food and fun. Thank you to Air New Zealand for continuing to be one of our strongest partners. Cheers to another great year at Altus!



Air New Zealand Kia Ora Magazine

Altus appears in the Air New Zealand Kia Ora Magazine. 

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New Altus Building Opening July 2016 

ASB Good As Gold — Surprises The Elevator Group

ASB throws a fun afternoon for our Altus employees.

Marae visits Altus, interviewing employees and the CEO 

A 2016 visit to Altus Enterprises shows the Marae team about the Altus workplace and what it’s like to work here!

East & Bays Courier

Fountain gets spruce up! A piece in the East & Bays Courier about the Able Products Initiative of Altus Enterprises.

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Breakfast with Brian interviews Martin

A Brian Kelly breakfast interview with Martin on Altus Enterprises and Able Products around its launch. Listen here.

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Maori TV showcases Altus

Maori TV does a piece on Altus Enterprises. Check out the article and video here!

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Western Leaders

Collaboration Offers Work Opportunities — an article about Altus Enterprises in The Western Leader.

Altus Enterprises Article August 2014.jpg.jpg Writes About Altus

Read the article here!

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NZ Manufacturers Magazine

A wonderful article by NZ Manufacturer magazine — Real Work Spells Equality. Full article here!

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Tariana Turia: Launch of the Elevator Group

A speech from Hon Tariana Turia to launch the Elevator Group, delivered by Neil Porteous on behalf of the Minister. Read the speech here.

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